For 35 years we have been a reference point for the most important laundry and dyeing companies all over the world and for fashion brands – it's because we don't simply make machines but we produce ideas.

We have been researching, experimenting and innovating since 1981. And we do much more than just build ‘machines’.

Our commitment has always taken us well beyond the product, for we are at our customer’s side, offering our services with a personal touch and, especially, with ideas and practical solutions.

Perfecting technologies that evolve together with the market, always reliable, safe and sustainable. Technologies that respect the environment and that consume less energy, few additives, and indeed little of everything. Ever-improved production processes are made possible by the commitment of our technicians, workers, engineers, employees and managers. All of them passionate about their work and incapable of ever compromising on quality.

And it is thanks to our people that we are known around the world as the top partners of the great fashion brands, as the link between designers and companies involved in washing, dyeing and garment finishing.

Since 1981 we have been contributing to the success of the Made in Italy label across the continents.

“Basically, there is not much difference between what we were and what we are. We have made and sold over 6500 machines since 1981. And we have always designed and built them with the same idea in mind: to do more and to do better, consuming less and creating added value for the end user of the garment”.

A unique, unparalleled history. One that is quintessentially Italy.

Our story has much in common with that of many companies in north-east Italy, which have grown rapidly and established themselves on the world market through the power of their ideas and their outstanding entrepreneurial spirit.

Tonello too has evolved over the years, becoming a modern, technologically advanced company that has offered the market reliable, truly ground-breaking products.

Our garment finishing machines have become established over the world for the quality of their all-Italian manufacture, and for their flexibility and top-level performance.

And Tonello products can easily be adapted to the changing needs of processing, which means that the life cycle of a machine is extended, transforming cost into investment.

Today Tonello is the international benchmark for the garment-processing industry. And yet its history is still waiting to be written. And experienced.

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Research, research and more research: this is not just some buzzword but a methodical, daily, impassioned commitment.

Our Research Centre was set up to create new solutions not only in the lab but also, and especially, in real everyday production. We test our new technologies on the same machines being used by our customers and we create entire collections of garments made with the most diverse fabrics, processed in every way imaginable.

Every single day we experiment, we test and we do research in the field. And we do so to create the precise effects required, offering our customers the added value of a dynamic young team capable of providing an unparalleled level of state-of-the-art advice. Because our technology always surpasses itself. Turning each garment into a dream.

Since 1997, Tonello has been recognised by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research as a “highly qualified external laboratory, authorised to carry out applied research on behalf of small and medium-sized industries”.

The essence of Italian quality and reliability: our technology constantly sets new standards of value.

We design, develop and manufacture our machines: they are well and truly ‘ours’.
We make them in our own factories, monitoring every stage of the process, for it is only like this that we can assure our customers that these machines are exactly what we promise in terms of efficiency, sustainability and productivity.

We make every mechanical and electronic component, we create our own software and we assemble and test every finished product: always using the most advanced installations and technologies.

Our work ethic and our attention to detail is the same today as it was on the day we began. Because we are basically the same as we were all those years ago.
And, like then, we always look ahead, to create a better future.

Is the customer always right? Maybe, maybe not, but the customer is always the focus of our attention.

Saying that we are customer-oriented might seem a little trite: what company would ever say it isn’t?

But we take things further with our customers: we talk with them, we work by their side, we try to understand how they work, how much they produce, where their greatest potential for growth might be. Quite simply, we always help them achieve better results.

With non-stop assistance, training and advisory services, unlike any other in the field, including during installation and start-up, as well as providing personalized graphics.

Because both for us and for our customers, sharing objectives, solutions and know-how is what leads to growth. And we achieve it together.

When we started our activity, the word ‘environment’ was just another word, ‘ecology’ for a fashionable elite, and ‘ethics’ a luxury. But we have always imagined, engineered and made machines and installations that are designed to consume less energy, less water, and fewer additives. Machines that are efficient and productive, but that do not harm our environment. Machines that are safe for the workers and for their work environment.

Over the years, as our know-how has grown, with ever-greater sensitivity and tireless research, we have expanded the concept of environmental sustainability also to include the healthiness of the garments treated in our machines. Today, putting on a pair of jeans treated using Tonello technology means respecting oneself and one’s own health.

Because ‘sustainability’ for us is an everyday matter. And it always has been. Even though, back in the day, it was rarely considered.

The word ‘sustainability’ for us is an ethical imperative that allows for no compromise. If it did not, we would just be machine manufacturers.

Team, unit, squad, group: words that attempt to express a value that cannot be expressed in words, but only felt. Feeling passion, every day.

Companies are identified first and foremost with their products.
But these products come from the daily commitment of people who, at all levels, bring to bear their experience, professionalism and talent.
Our trump card is to be found in our people, for they are our added value: it is they who make us grow and improve, day after day.

The respect of all those who work with us, their drive and inspiration, their skill and their passion is at the heart of our success and of our ability to be competitive on every market. Dialogue, cooperation, a sense of belonging and teamwork: here too it is not just a matter of words, but deep-rooted, shared values that give our Tonello its great power.

Because, at Tonello, every ‘human resource’ is a person, with a name, a face, a heart, and a story to tell.

Our range of machines and systems is famous, praised and installed all over the world, fulfilling just any need of the garment finishing industry. Discover all our products.

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