G1 LD2-LJ2 / MD2-MJ2

G1 LD2-LJ2 / MD2-MJ2

Automatic garment dyeing machines. These machines, fine-tuned and patented by Tonello, work with an open pocket and high speed system. Equipped with a low-speed extractor (LD2-LJ2) or a medium-speed extractor (MD2-MJ2).


The series is equipped with a colour kitchen that enables the best possible introduction of dyestuffs and products thus guaranteeing high quality and consistent dyeing. They can also be equipped with the JET system (Models LJ2 and MJ2) which considerably reduces the liquor ratio (LR 3:1). G1 LD2-LJ2 / MD2-LJ2 machines are fitted as standard with a B&R control system, a latest-generation microprocessor, as well as a touch screen. Tonello software optimises the functions of each machine, allowing the user to store a large number of automated programs. Recipes can be easily transferred from one machine using a USB drive, and a simple network connection enables control from a PC with the Tonello supervision system as well as interfacing with third-party management systems. Models LD2 and MD2 are available also in the Steam Pocket version.

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