The G1 70 is the queen of sampling machines, ideal for testing and perfecting the various washing and dyeing cycles. It faithfully reproduces the processes, effects and performance of production machines: liquor ratio, mechanical action and results. This makes it easy to transfer the recipes directly to production machines with the same liquor ratio, achieving the same results. Equipped with a low-speed extractor.


The G1 70 is available in models LD/LJ and LD1/LJ1. Both versions are equipped with pre-centrifuge. The cylinder of the G1 70 LD1/LJ1 is smaller in volume but with the same diameter, thus reducing the minimum load while maintaining the same liquor ratio. Common to all the sampling machines in the G1 series is the stainless-steel structure, air conditioning and scratch-resistant sampling window in tempered glass fitted as standard, with built-in inspection light. In addition to its size and level of performance, the distinguishing feature of the G1 70 is that it can mount all the kits, technologies and devices that can be applied to production machines, even together: ECOfree and Ofree for ozone processing, Core for special dyeing and finishing effects, Nitrogen for eco-friendly dyes with sulphur colorants, NoStone for an authentic stone-wash look without the use of pumice stones... The JET version (Models LJ/LJ1) significantly reduces the liquor ratio (LR 3:1).

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