Mago is a new assistance service that is unique and different. In fact, Mago is not your everyday remote service. It is much, much more; it’s a fast track of communication and dialogue that takes our collaboration and partnership to the next level.


Mago allows us to always stand by our customers and act fast to solve any malfunction of our machines or, even better, to prevent them. With Mago you can perform rapid diagnostics of the software installed on the Tonello machines, checking the alarms record and analyzing the warnings, check and adjust optimal operation parameters, install, update and supervise from PC, PLC and Netwash remote software, and constantly monitor production, consulting machine reports in real-time. With Mago the customer connects directly with Tonello Research Center experts and receives customized consultancy on how to treat the garment. This service is what makes the difference compared to your standard remote assistance.

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