After NoStone®, ECOfree, and Core, denim washing has reached a crucial turning point with UP. UP patented technology reduces the liquor ratio to unparalleled levels, saving water and energy and making water filling and draining faster. UP is a revolutionary innovation applicable to all existing Tonello machines, including the least recent.


UP, the latest Tonello innovation, radically changes garment washing: it dramatically reduces the amount of water required and brings the liquor ratio down to unparalleled levels. A continuous, regular flow of water is constantly injected into the machine, then recovered and recirculated. Water saving now goes hand in hand with significantly reduced energy consumption and faster water filling and draining. All this obviously translates into lower costs. The combination with other Tonello technologies, like ECOfree for ozone washing and NoStone® for stoneless stone-wash effects, further reduces costs and carbon footprint.

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